Hookstown Cemetery


The actual founding of the organization known as Hookstown Cemetery dates back into antiquity and its exact origins have been lost, but was purportedly formerly called the “Little Red Meeting-House Cemetery” and formally become known as the Hookstown Cemetery by deed on February 6, 1923.


The purpose of the Hookstown Cemetery is to run and maintain lands for public burial purposes, particularly the maintenance and ownership of the old burial grounds known as Hookstown Cemetery, burials therein, and maintenance of the cemetery. No charge is made for a burial plot, but the one securing the burial plot must pay for the cost of burial plot excavation and a marker.

Securing a Burial Plot

Anyone interested in securing a burial plot can call:

  1. William Laughlin 724-573-9168
  2. Daniel McConnell 724-573-9511

Hookstown 2020 Board of Trustees

  1. William Laughlin – Chairman
  2. David Wright – Vice-Chairman
  3. Tracy Malcomb – Treasure
  4. Daniel McConnell – Secretary
  5. Randall Malcomb
  6. Court Hower

Map of Hookstown Cemetery

  1. Hookstown Cemetery Map 092512 (1 page)


  1. Hookstown Cemetery Bylaws 020120

Board Minutes

  1. 2-1-2020 Minutes Hookstown Cemetery
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